Saturday, March 31, 2012

final two

no not the final four...the final two
the last two days of the film festival
General Education...great film
fun meeting Tom Morris and his gang!

now it's on to
"Girl Model"  \

penny and clint.....

put your feet up and enjoy....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 8

and no entries since opening night...

Clearly the Divine Divas of Film have been more concerned about what they are wearing and what films they are seeing than blogging!  Just have tell ya my droid is dying and I know the photo quality is horrible so I put the real camera in my bag and will try to capture some fashion at the film during these last four days.

in the mean time here is the go see today..."General Education"

we met the film makers on opening night
and promised we would spread the word!

so strap on your best
and we will see you in the films...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

36th Cleveland International Film Festival...Opening Night

A year has past and here we are
the divine divas of film
Celeste and Denise
celebrating the opening night of the festival...
 with the star of the film Nesting
Todd Grinell

Hey CIFF staff guess what we like to blog about
fashion at the films...Ok we also like films about fashion!

Here are just a few of our top picks
at the opening night gala


 and of course we took photos of our friends...

and our new friends
film stars and film makers


don't miss "General Education"
check your program guide for dates and times...

stay tuned for more fashion updates

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

validator, trunk show, words of fashion

Tim Smith, ya just got ta love im!

Validator, Welcome Wagon, BFF, and more...
He thinks of these things and then throws it to the people.
This year it's all about the "white board"!
Thinking he could be yet another giver
of the overwhelming information needed to navigate
this years festival he said, I need a board to help me do my job.
Well Tim your job is to be the "man"
that starts and ends the hallway to films and we love it!
This years "white board" has become a means
of old fashion communication
who needs face book when you have a sharpie.

On this day the board was all about the word "Interntional".
"Do you speak a foreign language?" Tim would ask.
As you can see not only did they speak they wrote.

Tim what would we do with out you?????
You better stop by and participate
in the every growing organic board...

Fashion at the Festival

there are film in this years festival
Bill Cunningham New york
Desert Flower 
that are all about or touch upon fashion. stated last year and this year
diva d and diva c are all about
see and be seen!
Please stop by my trunk show
my spring/summer collection
will spice up your weekend wardrobe!

Diva d's quote of the day...

   "As a fashion and film diva, 
 I am a girl who loves all kinds of accessories:
 jewerly, belts, scarves, accessories to murder...
don't miss the additional filming of
"Small Town Murder Songs"...."

Monday, March 28, 2011

small town murder songs

Denise and Mike sposored a film

Friends were invited

a good time was had by all!

Thanks Denise and Mike

Friday, March 25, 2011

we are getting a slow start...

It's hard to shut down the daily grind and emerge
 yourself in the world of film but we made it to a few today!
Forgot to tell, we are joined this year by our film buddy Diva J,
seen here hanging out with Mr. Bob Anderson at the opening night party.

Last year she missed out on the blog launch
but this year our trend setting girlfriend is in the mix...

Here are a few new and old  friends at last nights party. slow start for Diva P, she is so deep in the film festival we may not see her till the closing party.
Penny come out come out where ever you are.....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

opening night

So hear is our story...
we love the film festival
we love fashion
why not combine the two!
Last year we began our blog as a way to enhance our festival experience.
We see old friends, we make new friends
and along the way we look at what people wear to the films.
Actually the festival gives Diva D a reason to wear those
great vintage finds she hunts for all year!

The party begins...
With winter back in Cleveland, ok did it ever leave?
Diva D switched from her original plan
rhinestones and sheer tunic to leopard and leather
 she is joined by Diva P looking chic in crinoline!

Put producer Paul Cusato's film on your list of must see...
The Goose

What a thrill to meet  Matt "the Hammer" Hamill!
Who didn't enjoy the opening film Hamill...

Stay tuned for more opening night photos
Diva D has to download!