Wednesday, March 30, 2011

validator, trunk show, words of fashion

Tim Smith, ya just got ta love im!

Validator, Welcome Wagon, BFF, and more...
He thinks of these things and then throws it to the people.
This year it's all about the "white board"!
Thinking he could be yet another giver
of the overwhelming information needed to navigate
this years festival he said, I need a board to help me do my job.
Well Tim your job is to be the "man"
that starts and ends the hallway to films and we love it!
This years "white board" has become a means
of old fashion communication
who needs face book when you have a sharpie.

On this day the board was all about the word "Interntional".
"Do you speak a foreign language?" Tim would ask.
As you can see not only did they speak they wrote.

Tim what would we do with out you?????
You better stop by and participate
in the every growing organic board...

Fashion at the Festival

there are film in this years festival
Bill Cunningham New york
Desert Flower 
that are all about or touch upon fashion. stated last year and this year
diva d and diva c are all about
see and be seen!
Please stop by my trunk show
my spring/summer collection
will spice up your weekend wardrobe!

Diva d's quote of the day...

   "As a fashion and film diva, 
 I am a girl who loves all kinds of accessories:
 jewerly, belts, scarves, accessories to murder...
don't miss the additional filming of
"Small Town Murder Songs"...."

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