Sunday, March 21, 2010

a day in the life

Honestly were are not professionals, we just know what we like,
and a day at the film festival ranks at the top of our list!
Diva D studies the program reviewing plots, mapping the days and planning her wardrobe.  Diva C looks at her availability picks up a program guide and most of the time
follows, diva d, diva p and her pals around.

Today started (exhausted from the first 3 days) by staying under the covers as the first round of films began and doing a load of laundry while eating a real home-cooked breakfast.  The plan...catch the 11:50 showing of The Girl, the reality...diva d driving the west and diva c from the east we didn't make it.
Of course our friend Paul (the producer) told us it was one of his favorites so far, that means Tuesday morning 9:20 here we come!

Plan B, a round of table tennis, yes our new sport,
 great workout by the way followed by the viewing of
Turtle: The Incredible Journey.
 Now if that film doesn't increase your endurance for survival nothing will.
Look out next 7 days here we come!

Wait, not done with this day yet, a quick stop at Mortons, and back to the films.  To our friends so sorry for not giving advance notice on happy hours, there are too many fabulous films and not enough time in the day to plan a whole hour away. So after a laugh in France, a dance in India and a sip of milk in China I sit here not able to sleep from all the visions
in my head but I must end now because tomorrow is another day.

In just 4 days we are happy to say we have made new film friends,
Beverly you are out there somewhere!  To Lara Klaber, thanks for the link,
you are the real professional, we are so happy to be part of this festival!

So all of you, just you wait, there will be more photos, a top ten list of what not to do during the film festival and yes we will list the parties!

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