Saturday, March 27, 2010

the end is here

A day away from the festival took it's toll on me,
i miss films and my film friends.
I must say the trunk show at Erie Island Coffee Co. was a big success!
So today i had to go "Bananas!" and got a banana, thanks.

Forgot to mention that i finally ran into
Rob "trailer actor" Gibb the other night!

It was dinner and a movie for Diva D, Mike and their 19 friends!
Dinner at tower 230 and a viewing of their
sponsored film "Headhunter"  great pick by the way! 
I wonder what Penny thought of her sponsored film
"The Last Days of Emma Blank"???
we will find out tomorrow...

The day we all try not to think about:
the last day of the film festival is here and
the only way to do it is with a full day,
starting at 9:30 am.
A diva has to do what a diva has to do!

I go to bed charging the camera
and laying out the last film festival outfit,
what will Diva D wear to closing night? 

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